The Yeti Emerged In Boston


yetiYou probably know by now that the Yeti was sighted in Boston during Winter Storm Juno. Supposedly a myth, it emerged from who knows where and roamed the streets of Beantown, enjoying the wintry weather.

Much like the Yeti myth, it is believed that marketing reporting is hard to capture and difficult to translate into real action.

It doesn’t have to be that way. It’s easier than spotting a Yeti to understand the data and information your marketing efforts produce.

First, you need the right tools to create and launch marketing campaigns, ranging from emails targeted for different sales cycles to landing pages that are tightly focused on one thing: an effective, measurable call to action that appeals to your prospects.

Next, you need to know how to use those tools to the maximum extent possible. Marketing automation software won’t do you any good if you persist in doing things manually, the “way we always do this” aside from the tool. While this takes a learning curve that may initially feel as if it puts you behind schedule, it’s worth while in the coming weeks and months because you learned to develop workflows, automate email campaigns and quickly create landing pages. And all of these efforts generate information and data, which is seamlessly fed to your CRM, so your sales force can take quick action to nurture leads and convert prospects.

Finally, you need to understand what exactly you’re looking at in those piles of data. You’re a marketing pro (and Yeti discoverer) when you can pull the good, the bad and the ugly from the analytics, create a readable report out of all of it and create actionable sales and marketing goals and performance metrics that can be met and measured.

Measured Results Marketing knows where the Yeti in your marketing wilderness is hiding. Let Yeti hunters Christopher Antonopoulos seek out the elusive Yeti that has the answers you need. From lead generation tactics to content marketing to mastering marketing reports, MRM will create a blueprint for you  to follow up on your best sales opportunities.

Call Measured Results today at 571-606-3106 and see how you can create a clear path in the forest to the marketing Yeti.

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