Marketing Data Managed By Non-Marketers

Company marketing data is more often than not being managed by non-marketers.

I was a little shocked when I viewed this infographic that outlined even more data obstacles.

71% of marketers feel like they aren’t getting much out of their databases to perform effective marketing.

Marketing dataWhat I found was really crazy though, is that the majority of marketing departments aren’t responsible for their data; data specialists, senior managers and even the IT department has that duty!

How can you create and implement effective, holistic marketing campaigns and programs without data?

How can you measure the reach of your marketing efforts?

How do you know that the data you’re seeing is telling you the truth?

Furthermore, the majority of marketers surveyed feel that a data management skill gap exists within their organizations.

And the three biggest challenges with their data are not enough data accuracy, a low level of technology sophistication and using the data effectively to make meaningful campaigns.

Measured Results Marketing evaluates your current marketing automation technology capabilities, and how you use the reports you receive.

If you found yourself nodding your head “yes” about the three big data challenges, then know that Measured Results Marketing addresses and resolves those challenges to help you really understand how to make the most of your marketing campaigns and programs.

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Image screenshot from b2b marketing infographic featured in this article.

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