HubSpot/Salesforce Integration Problems

Over the last few months, Measured Results Marketing (MRM) has noticed a theme in talking to potential prospects and new clients. Many of them have been blindsided by HubSpot/Salesforce integration problems that they didn’t know existed and now don’t know how to fix.

At MRM, we call these pitfalls “holes”, and we want you to be aware of them so you don’t get stuck in one of them and waste your time trying to climb out.

Common Salesforce/HubSpot Integration Problems

  • Getting leads to the right account manager or BDR after it is generated. We’re surprised by how often lead assignment is an afterthought. There tends to be an assumption that Sales will handle it after getting a list or having leads passed over to Salesforce. This either does not happen or you have to spend hours manually sending emails or chasing down leads.
  • Tracking revenue associated with marketing influenced leads. I’ve personally spent more hours than I would like to admit doing “match back reporting” which consists of taking closed won deals in the CRM (almost always Salesforce) and looking in the marketing automation tool (usually HubSpot) and seeing what contacts were associated with that company and if they bought something. This is driven by a request from management and happens at the most inopportune times.
  • Figuring out if the leads you sent to Sales were looked at. Let’s assume that you have a process to automatically assign leads to the right person for follow up. You are often left wondering if this lead was emailed, called, or had any action taken. Then, at some point, you are questioned on the effectiveness of the campaign and have to go on a treasure hunt to find out that none of the leads were ever called. We call this “No Lead Left Behind™, not to be confused with the educational program.
  • Fixing technical challenges with system integrations. It never ceases to amaze me that no matter the case of data not getting to sales, a lead getting stuck because of a sync error, or reporting not working properly, these challenges become the responsibility of Marketing to fix. I’ve been the recipient of many emails where either a lead or data associated with it didn’t cross the divide (integration/sync) and had to drop everything to figure out what happened.

Hopefully, this helps you identify some of the HubSpot/Salesforce integration problems you may not have considered. so don’t waste countless hours doing work that could have been prevented upfront. If you would like us to review your systems and identify gaps before they become an issue, our Yetis are here to help with a complimentary mini assessment. Click here to schedule it today!