Lead scoring, especially with these marketing metrics, is a tool that can boost sales, increase ROI, and take your business to the next level.

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We are going to share with you the top 4 B2B lead scoring marketing metrics that must be defined within your lead scoring model. Are these metrics that will help you identify the predictive attributes of those prospects who are most likely to convert?

Understanding your audience in terms of demographics such as geography, industry, company size, interests, etc. will allow you to determine what type of content to create to attract the leads as well as how to segment your marketing efforts. When you evaluate your current customers you should begin to see trends as to which demographics are the most valuable. These would then be assigned point values according to their worth.

Monitoring prospect behaviors gives direct insight into the level of sales readiness. Have they visited your site daily for the past week? Are they returning to the same web pages? Are they staying on each page for a significant amount of time? These could all be indicators that your prospect is ready to take the next step. You must decide which behaviors are most valuable, rank them in order of importance, and then score them accordingly.

How engaged are your prospects? Are they reading every email that you send? Are they following you on social media? Are they commenting on your posts? Are they participating in webinars? The more engaged they are in the information that you are providing, the more likely they are to continue moving further down the funnel. What levels of engagement are most important to your business? Define them, and score them.

Buyer’s Stage
Is a prospect just starting to conduct research on their problem, or are they well-versed and ready to make a decision? Their mindset makes a big difference on their level of readiness. You don’t want to be throwing a sales pitch at someone who is just entering the research phase. Tracking your prospects’ movement through the sales funnel is a key element in identifying whether the lead is ready to head over to the Sales team.

Identifying and defining these 4 B2B lead scoring marketing metrics will help you build an efficient and effective lead scoring model that increases productivity and your bottom line. This is a process that can take time, and you must be prepared to monitor, analyze, and make adjustments along the way. Need help getting started? The Yetis want to talk to you. Email or call us at 571-606-3106 and let’s talk specifics about lead scoring for your business.

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