There are many benefits to lead nurturing. Nurturing leads through the sales process results in satisfied customers and higher conversion rates. Today’s customers are extremely smart and savvy. They do extensive research and are typically quite knowledgeable about purchases before making them.

Forrester Research reports “that companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost per lead.”

If the prospects remember the company, bookmarks their website for future reference, and gets their questions answered before they’ve even asked them, it will drive more sales. When a business can marry excellent content with lead nurturing, the results will speak for themselves.

Here are our top 10 reasons why implementing a lead nurturing strategy is an absolute must.

Lead nurturing…

  • Builds relationships with prospects. It can take time to build trust, but regularly providing prospects with quality content is a good first step. By doing so, they will begin to look to you when they are need of an answer. And that’s exactly what lead nurturing is all about.
  • Builds your reputation as a trusted leader in your industry. By answering a prospect’s questions during every step of the sales process, you become recognized as an expert. When enough people view you as an expert, you become a trusted leader and influencer in the marketplace.
  • Promotes regular and timely communication with customers. It allows you to easily share trending industry news and provide prospects with information they may not otherwise have known about.
  • Enables you to better understand your customer. By regularly communicating with your customer and welcoming feedback, you learn what they are interested in. The more you know about them, the more you can send well crafted targeted emails.
  • Helps businesses identify needs within the community/ industry. It is only through open communication that you can learn what customers want. Perhaps there is a demand for a new product or service that you can provide, but weren’t previously aware of before regularly engaging prospects.
  • Monitors interactions and sets indicators. Sometimes prospects fall out of touch, a marketing automation lead nurturing program can capture this information and work to re-engage the prospect.
  • Is a cost effective way to stay top of mind, and helps ensure that the customer knows who to turn to when ready to make a purchase.
  • Provides an easy way to upsell products and/or services. By monitoring a customer’s interests, you can then suggest additional products that are complementary to their past purchases.
  • Allows you to easily engage customers and request feedback on products or services. You can schedule surveys to be sent out during or after the completion of a purchase.
  • Enables you to segment leads by interest. When you can narrow down a prospect’s focus, you can talk about their pain point or problem and provide specific solutions.

It simply makes good business sense to implement a lead nurturing program. If you need help getting started or want assistance in analyzing your current program, Measured Results Marketing wants to speak with you. Give us a shout by phone 571-606-3106 or send us an email and let’s get the conversation started.


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