Are You Ready?

Moving forward

The Summer ’17 Pardot Release is imminent. Don’t be caught in a position where broken connectors between sales and marketing databases lead you down a path of misalignment between organizations.

Not to be all doom and gloom, but misalignment often happens gradually. Don’t allow this change to go unaddressed and lead to additional breakdowns of communication. It’s time to be proactive. Because if you’re not, broken connectors will leave you with problems like:

• Not passing leads from marketing to sales
• Misdirected leads
• Damaged lead scoring models
• Not understanding which campaigns are generating revenue
• Broken reporting
• Broken connections with associated systems
• Marketing and Sales working from different solutions, and not having a the full and complete picture of each contact, lead or customer
• Missed opportunities for lead nurturing and closed-won business

Plan Ahead

The time to plan is now. To get started you need to have a full understanding of the connection between systems. This involves identifying and mapping out which fields are passing information between each other. Is the connection mapping from marketing to sales and from sales back to marketing? Or is it only mapping in one direction?

Next it’s time to analyze if there are additional changes you’d like to make to the mapping structure. Does your current sales database offer this functionality? If not now may be the time to consider making a switch between marketing automation tools. This of course will depend on your specific organization and its needs.

Once you’ve identified the work that needs to get accomplished, and built out a plan with an accompanying timeline it’s implementation time. Build out all changes in the sandbox first and strategically conduct testing of your program. We can’t stress enough how critical using a testing environment is before going live. This is the time to work out any kinks and make sure everything is functioning before launch day.

Need Help?

If your organization is going to impacted by the Summer ’17 Pardot Release, Measured Results Marketing can help. From consulting on best practices to strategy, migration and implementation – we’ve got you covered. Send us an email or give us a call at 571-606-3106.

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