Success Stories

Responsive, Agile and Honest
They assisted with the selection and roll-out of our automation tool, complex campaign execution support, Salesforce/HubSpot integration and road map strategy. They are responsive, agile and honest, which makes them a great partner. – Tina Rothe

Bridging Sales & Marketing through Automation

They helped us implement the first marketing automation tool, including CRM integration. MRM worked closely with IT to assist with the technical aspects and worked to bring cohesiveness to our sales and marketing teams. – Christine Metcalf

Trust and Recommend Unequivocally
MRM helped us immeasurably by aligning our company’s strategic goals with our MAP & CRM platforms. They continually improve our Marketing and Sales processes, generate ever more high-quality leads and convert those to revenue. I trust and recommend the MRM team unequivocally. – Mike Weitz

Great Team, Strongly Recommend
I worked with the team to launch a lead nurturing and scoring approach for our organization. They worked with me, our sales team and even senior management to clarify our unique requirements and set up a program that makes sense for our business. Strongly recommend this group! – Meg Robinson

Thoughtful Coaching Style
Their extensive Hubspot expertise, as well as their thoughtful coaching style made them an invaluable resource to our team. The combination of technical know-how and teaching ensured that we not only implemented Hubspot correctly, but our team felt prepared to launch future campaigns and scale our use of Hubspot in the future. – Janelle Ducott

Above and Beyond
Measured Results Marketing was extremely helpful in assisting us with selecting a marketing automation tool, contract negotiation, initial setup and advisement for further customization. They really went above and beyond the SOW to provide superior customer service and support. – Megan Dwoskin

Visibility into what’s going on

The Yeti’s provide an abundance of additional visibility into what’s going on throughout the entire sales and marketing funnel. I also like their lead scoring model – it really helps to improve lead quality and the subsequent sales conversion rates. – Simon Turner

Taking us to the next level

Their expertise has provided us with the Hubspot/SalesForce integration and lead scoring guidance to help sales and marketing work together as a more cohesive unit. We’re looking forward to next steps with them, including SOAP and lead requalification programs. – Tamara Humpherys

Secret Weapon

Their robust Hubspot and Salesforce expertise allowed our organization to scale to meet the increasingly complex demands of our customers and sales team. If you are a fast-growing team looking to be on the cutting edge of today’s marketing trends, MRM will be your secret weapon. – Rachel Brink

Real B2B Perspective

Measured Results Marketing was very patient in educating our stakeholders about marketing automation, since this was the first exposure for our organization. I really liked that they bring their B2B marketing and sales experience to the table. – Susan Mitchell