update marketing automation solutionYour High School Boyfriend. The Pager. Your College Boyfriend. Your flip phone. To all things, there is a time to say bye-bye, and maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your current marketing technology. How do you know when it’s time to switch Marketing Automation tools? Whether you’re on a simple email tool or have been neck-deep in marketing automation, if you’ve experienced any of these 7 ½ Signs, it’s time to abandon and switch marketing automation tools.

1. Marketing outreach requires a more sophisticated approach so that you can stay sane and stop the maddening manual tasks.
2. You use more duct tape than my brother Hamish. You have so many workarounds to get things done, it’s just silly. (shiny but silly).
3. Your sales organization has grown or changed and they have more complex requirements for the marketing team.
4. Your business has grown, either through acquisition or organically, and you can’t keep up.
5. Significant industry event(s) represents enormous opportunity.
6. Analytics means you get to show off your mad Excel skills, not your marketing awesomeness.
7. Your owner or investors are looking for an exit.
7 and a half. What if Dave leaves? If you only have one person (Dave the Awesome) who really knows how it works.

The Yetis know what it’s like to blaze new trails, so if you find yourself wasting time struggling with legacy technology, building more workarounds than campaigns or your business goals have outgrown your technology, then it might be worth considering switching Marketing Automation tools.

Let’s discuss what the right path forward is for you.