Successful Marketing Campaigns Rely On Two Common Measurements

Successful marketing campaigns rely heavily on two very common measurements: the number of leads generated and revenue resulting from guiding highly qualified leads in the sales journey.

6Sense did a survey, and they discovered that 70% of the respondents used these two metrics to gauge success of any marketing campaign.

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Not surprisingly, lead quality is the biggest concern. What’s interesting is that many marketers who took the survey have only started using technology in the last two years.

I know what a challenge it is, trying to develop accurate requirements for a marketing automation system or CRM tool, suffering through the buyer’s journey and struggling to master the learning curve of any platform that’s purchased and installed.

The time to do this is often sacrificed to do lead generation, so marketing goals and objectives don’t always get met and sales decrease. And yet, a high level of sophistication is necessary to attract and capture the high quality leads who represent the best chance of successfully converting to clients or customers.

It’s typical to match up revenue generated with the number of leads captured, so we’re right back to a very common problem that plagues most marketing executives: the quality of the data generated by the marketing automation and CRM system, and how well that data is defined and used to make improvements in marketing campaigns.

Accurate Data Quality Supports Successful Marketing Campaigns

A fundamental task all marketing teams have to do right is accurately define personas and segmentation to drive better quality leads to sales. It’s not the quantity; it’s the quality.

When you’re planning a marketing campaign, take a look at leads generated by past efforts and honestly answer yourself on how successful they were. Did sales reject a large number of the leads you sent them? Did you get high numbers of leads, but little revenue from them?

It’s true that successful marketing campaigns measure lead generation and revenue. To make them accurate and to increase revenue, you should have realistic, measureable marketing goals and objectives, and more importantly, clean data in your CRM and marketing automation software to get the best results.

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