HubSpot and Salesforce

Leverage the power of rich data intelligence and revenue reporting when you sync HubSpot and Salesforce.

Seamless consistency between your marketing and sales teams

The MRM Yetis know HubSpot and Salesforce integration inside and out. We can help you tie systems and processes together seamlessly, establish effective metrics and reporting for leadership, and improve ROI on your operational and technological infrastructure to drive sales and marketing goals.

Get a complete Salesforce technical assessment

Let our certified specialists review your Salesforce CRM to make sure you’re getting the most out of your Salesforce Sales Cloud investment.

Create new marketing automation & Salesforce integrations

If you haven’t integrated your Marketing Automation software to Salesforce yet, we have you covered. We plan out all the activities involved and execute them to make sure your integration launches smoothly.

Improve existing marketing automation & Salesforce integrations

If your Marketing Automation tool is already connected to Salesforce and you’re experiencing challenges or looking for improved ROI, we can take a look under the hood and provide best-practice recommendations.

Optimize Salesforce to support your entire demand generation process

Truly valuable automation extends deep into your data set. It helps to figure out who your prospects are, and if they are a good fit for your products and services in the first place.

How we do it

As a HubSpot Diamond Partner and one of the few AIC (Advanced Implementation Certified) Partners, our team of Yetis has over 10 years of experience helping customers use HubSpot and Salesforce to achieve their business goals. We support both new and existing Salesforce integrations and Salesforce-HubSpot optimizations.

Align data with your marketing automation system

Part of a sound integration is making sure your fields are in lock-step with your Marketing Automation system.

Build a conversion process that works for your business

Without a sound process for converting leads to revenue, you won’t be able to achieve your objectives. We don’t underestimate the value of process, nor should you.

Sync data across leads, contacts and opportunities

Once valuable data lands in Salesforce, we’ll make sure it gets where it needs to go to help you see results.

Lead assignment rules

You’re generating great leads and those now need to be delivered. We’ll get our logic on to ensure your leads find a home with their rightful owner.

Marketing attribution reporting

Which campaigns produce the best leads and the most revenue for your company? Our Jedi-like Yetis can help you find the droids you’re looking for.

Sales performance reporting

We love Sales executives, too! Let us shed light on how your salespeople are doing with new processes and converting leads to closed business.


new Salesforce/HubSpot integrations completed


of existing integrations analyzed revealed significant errors


years experience of software reviews and implementations

Benefits of working with a Yeti

  • We consult with you and your team to define your ideal state integration.
  • Get your data right. MRM identifies your key fields and normalizes data between both Salesforce and HubSpot to prevent sync errors.
  • Provide tools so you can sync campaigns and marketing activities in real time to allow for marketing attribution reporting.
  • Give your salespeople context by allowing them to see marketing activities for leads and contacts within their Salesforce records.
  • Achieve lead transparency between marketing and sales, regardless of who identified the prospect.
  • Save valuable time by having a Yeti do the heavy lifting. We know the intricacies and pitfalls with HubSpot/Salesforce integration and can complete yours smoothly. 

Our work speaks for itself

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