Close gaps across people,
processes, systems, and data

Align your Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service teams under a unified RevOps structure with the MRM Revenue Operations Ecosystem Workshop

As businesses grow,
so do their operational needs.

Organizations have access to an ever-growing library of tools, systems, processes, and record data. While unlimited apps and tools make day-to-day tasks a little easier, over time the ecosystem becomes unmanageable if not maintained. Many organizations are facing the consequences of this today with tangled systems, siloed teams, disconnected processes, and de-centralized data.


The solution to these ecosystem worries is RevOps, a methodology that aligns Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success teams under a unified foundational structure. This approach aligns and centralizes the data, processes, technologies and goals across customer-facing teams.

MRM can help with all of your RevOps needs, no matter how complex or unique.

Maintain and optimize what you’ve already built

If you already have a RevOps strategy in place, our team can provide ongoing support and provide recommendations for closing gaps across tools, systems, processes, and data.

Fix the broken stuff and connect your systems

MRM specializes in fixing impossible technical issues, fine-tuning tricky integrations, and meeting complex business requirements. We have experience with over 80 software platforms.

Long-term RevOps account management

We work with your teams to build a solid RevOps strategy, infrastructure to execute and support it, and provide onboarding and training over a 6-month engagement period.

Is your organization ready to unify teams, remove organizational silos, centralize operations, improve end-to-end user experience, and close more deals?

How can a good RevOps strategy help you?

Better collaboration and team decision-making

Connect all of your teams with clearly identified processes, clean data, handoff between each stage, and end-state reporting based on KPIs.

Complete visibility and accountability

No more guessing games. Clearly see what’s working and what isn’t across Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success teams.

One source of data truth trusted across the company

Trust that your data is correct across the board with automated workflows, segmented contact lists, and improved lead sourcing.

More consistent and predictable pipeline growth

Quickly and easily see what deals are open, what stage they are in, the expected deal amount, and forecasted revenue over a period in time.

Reduce your sales cycle and close more deals

Use segmented customer data to create tailored marketing campaigns and send notifications to Sales teams when a prospect is ready to buy.

Clean data to make better business decisions

Create accurate, KPI-specific reports populated with clean, reliable data. Use your data to create ad-hoc and forecasting reports.

Reduce friction with a better end-to-end experience

Ensure that every stage of the buyer’s journey is prospect-focused and includes a clear handoff process from one team to the next.

Generate more revenue, efficiency, and scalability

Supercharge your organization by aligning Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service teams under a unified RevOps methodology.

Our Methodology

Measured Results Marketing uses a proprietary process, the Revenue Operations Ecosystem™, to work with your organization to diagnose operational issues and develop a strategy for unifying your Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success teams.

Review your ecosystem & develop a fix list

We interview your teams and audit your systems, tools, tech, processes, and data, and compile an assessment detailing organizational gaps and items that do not meet industry best practices.

Determine priority of work for engagement

Based on your operational gaps, MRM experts will work with your team to build an implementation plan with milestones and estimated hours so your team understands next steps.

Document new processes and operational updates

MRM will create updated process and operations management documentation, which will be used as a source of truth for Executive, RevOps, Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success teams.

Onboarding, training, and engagement execution

Our RevOps experts will create tailored onboarding and training in the new processes for affected teams as milestone objectives are completed.


advanced tech assessments completed


of assessments find critical fixes required


Years’ experience and software expertise

Why work with us?

RevOps is our bread & butter

MRM specializes in solving operational issues and creating customized end-to-end solutions for our clients.

We know your industry

B2B is our focus and we love solving technical problems. We know how to get results, no matter the vertical.

We’re experienced

In addition to 10+ years of RevOps experience across the team, MRM is also HubSpot Revenue Operations certified.

Onboarding & Training

Our RevOps Yetis create customized onboarding and training that is tailored to your organization’s needs.

Our work speaks for itself…

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