Marketing and Sales Alignment Consulting

Turning leads into customers is a huge priority for both sales and marketing teams. A highly effective process fills your pipeline faster and closes more deals quicker. Audit your lead management process to ensure it’s tuned to maximum efficiency.

Companies with aligned sales and marketing teams generate 208% more revenue.

Knowing where to prioritize your efforts can be confusing. That’s why understanding your leads’ paths to purchase is imperative, and why a lead management process audit should be a top priority now.

There’s a Demand Generation Ecosystem® workshop for that…

Marketing and Sales Alignment Yeti

Sales and Marketing Alignment

Marketing and Sales Alignment

Build a sales and marketing powerhouse. An MRM Yeti will work with your teams to identify the unique requirements of your organization, optimizing the technology, processes and training the teams need to work together.

Campaign Strategy

Marketing Campaign Strategy

Creating an effective campaign is part art and part science. Our Yetis use over 20 years’ demand generation experience to help bring sense and strategy to your marketing campaign process.

Lead Management

Lead Management

A lead that is lost is a potential deal missed. During the Lead Management workshop, your team will identify leaks in the lead funnel, come to agreement about what constitutes a valid prospect, and identify hidden opportunities to accelerate sales.

Sales Processes

Sales Processes

Whether you have documented processes or a team of lone rangers, MRM sales process Yetis will work with your sales and operations leadership to assure that technology helps your team beat their sales goals. And we’ll train your groups to get the most out of the new solutions, evolving your B2B buying process.

How Demand Generation Ecosystem® workshops help you

Measured Results Marketing uses a proprietary process, the Demand Generation Ecosystem®, to pinpoint the areas in your sales and marketing operations that need improvement in order to meet your revenue goals.

Understand Your Gaps 

We dig deep to uncover the cause of dysfunction in your sales and marketing ecosystem, revealing opportunities for synchronizing your tech stack and improving your processes.

Fill Your Pipeline Faster

By aligning your people, processes and technology, we help you convert interest to action through effectively capturing and nurturing prospects.

Prioritize Your Efforts

Your team will receive a list of recommendations and best practices to improve the ROI of your marketing and sales stack, sorted by importance.

Turn More Leads into Customers

Work with experienced demand generation experts who will guide you through building best-in-class, end-to-end marketing campaigns.

Fix Broken Processes

Do your leads get lost in the marketing-to-sales handoff? Many organizations cannot track return on marketing investment or understand which campaigns drive revenue. Our processes assure that no lead is left behind.

Measure Your Results

Our end goal is to allow you to measure the results of your marketing programs and adjust them to beat your revenue targets.


customized workshops completed


retained MRM for technical consulting and implementation


years of advanced marketing and demand generation experience

Our Methodology

As a trusted advisor we guide you through our Demand Generation Ecosystem® workshops and the changes needed to transform your current state into a fully-integrated, finely-tuned sales and marketing engine. MRM will also help align sales and marketing to ensure they are properly informed and trained on the new technology and processes.

Clarify your needs

Understand your current business processes and assess your current lead management process for generating, handing off and following up with leads.

Review your technology

Deep dive into HubSpot, Salesforce, Pardot or other CRM or marketing automation portal to analyze your current configuration in comparison to industry best practices.

Conduct workshops

Discover what you need through multi-part workshops to define ideal states for marketing, lead generation, sales process, and campaign requirements.

Document next steps

Hit the ground running with a prioritized, tailored list of recommendations and next steps for improving your lead management system.

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