Marketing Automation Perfection

Proper implementation and optimization over time of your marketing automation software is crucial for lead generation, management, and celebrating when a deal from your genius marketing program closes.

Sync your tech with your strategy

95% of people who interact with your website aren’t ready to buy. MRM will help get your marketing software in sync with your strategy and help your prospects navigate a logical, consistent buying journey.

Select your next marketing automation software

Our technology-agnostic Yetis will help you select the right Marketing Automation platform that fits your business’s needs. We take your implementation beyond “off-the-shelf” and make it work for your world.

Optimize your marketing tech stack

If you’re new to your role, or the business has evolved since the initial install, let the Yetis take a look under the hood to evaluate and plan out any needed changes.

Integration with sales CRM

Epic automation stretches across your Marketing Automation system, into your Sales CRM and back again. Let us do the heavy lifting to make sure your integration is smooth and seamless.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Your team of automation Yetis will work with you to define the right mix of tricks to get your marketing engine purring like a kitten. A few of our specialized skills are:
Data collection & normalization

From fields to forms to automated data normalization, your data isn’t just accurate, it’s useful.

Lead scoring models

We help you prioritize your leads to make the most of a salesperson’s time and skill.

Automated nurture flows

Say goodbye to last minute, ad-hoc email campaigns. Our Yetis are digital strategists who will show you how to stay five steps ahead of your plan.

Advanced segmentation

We help ensure your awesome campaigns get out to the right audience.

Campaign set-up & tagging

Our clever Yetis ensure activities are attributed to the right campaigns for improved reporting.

Benchmarking & reporting

Make sense of what to measure, how to measure it and how to benchmark the results.

How we optimize your marketing automation

Understand the process

We bring your organization together in our Demand Generation Ecosystem ® workshop to understand your automation goals from all points along the process. We help you plan for today’s goals and build for your future.

Map needs

Lead qualification? Nurture campaigns? Sales automation? We’ll map out each of the stops on your automation journey. We build on what you do well and help your organization identify and address any gaps from a technology, process or training perspective.

Build the machine

Out-of-the-box implementations don’t always work for the way you need to run your marketing operations. We take what we’ve learned and translate it into the cogs and wheels of your software.

Launch and refine

Your team of Yetis will help you launch (relaunch) your system and monitor your pipeline stages to ensure it operates as expected. Some clients prefer we stay on as an extension of their marketing team or MRM can gradually step back our involvement as your team takes ownership of their new system.


Large-scale automation projects


Years of advanced marketing and demand generation experience


Client retention rate

MRM Yetis Help You Evolve
Your Marketing Automation

  • Customize your marketing automation based on your needs
  • Standardize your Lead and Contact process across sales, marketing and services
  • Identify opportunities for automation (e.g., Nurture, Lead Routing, Sales Follow Up)
  • Establish or optimize lead scoring models
  • Define lead status and deal stages for your business
  • Create professional forms, landing pages, emails and thank you pages
  • Establish roles and user permissions

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