Get your data in order, and
then put it to work

Your prospects don’t have a linear buyer’s journey. Send the right message to the right contact at the right time by leveraging a full-funnel data strategy that provides one source of truth to your entire organization.

What we do

Accurate data is the foundation of successful marketing, sales, reporting, and revenue generation efforts.
Data Yetis love to bring order to database chaos.
Data Normalization

Ensure correct, consistent capture of your data so that your KPIs are accurate and relevant.

Data Appending

Improve tracking and reporting by adding more information to each contact, company, and deal.

Database Clean-up

Clean out unwanted and unsubscribed contacts, and segment contacts for re-engagement campaigns.

Data flow between systems

Create frictionless data flows between teams with one source of data truth.

Data Deduplication

Deduplicate contacts, companies, deals, tickets, products, and custom objects.

Leveraging your data to your advantage

Create more tailored messaging and deliver a better customer experience.

Why Work With Us

Bad data breeds discontent. No one can prioritize or forecast without accuracy. We work with your team to scrutinize your data: from fields to integrations to formats. MRM specializes in list management, data structure, validation rules, object configuration, automation and standardization.

Top-tier data management

Ensure all your data supports how you need to run sales, marketing and services, and can populate the reporting and dashboards you need.

Gritty techy stuff makes us happy

Regardless of the complexity of your data, sales organization, marketing segmentation needs, or service challenges, we can support your team.

We know your industry

We know B2B! No matter what your organization offers, we can help you define the right balance of HubSpot solutions to meet your unique needs.

End-to-end reporting

We provide HubSpot campaign implementation and execution, ongoing marketing operations support, onboarding and training, best practices, project management, and more.


Data strategies created


Client retention rate


Data normalization projects completed

Our Approach

You need to trust your data in order to make business decisions every day. We work with your team to define your requirements so data becomes a pathway, not a roadblock.

Identify your KPIs

Our Demand Generation Ecosystem® workshops will identify the most effective way to fill your pipeline faster and close more deals, more quickly. We will document the KPIs that are most important to your stakeholders and the desired end-state for reporting.

Organize and prepare your data sets

Clean, prepare, and transform your raw data prior to import and implementation between systems. Reformat and append data, scrub contacts and bad properties, and append time-stamping to records.

Implement new best practices

We collaborate with your organization to determine and document all new business processes, implement processes and systems, and provide onboarding and training to affected teams.

Measure your success

Discover what works and what doesn’t by creating dashboards for specific user groups that display KPIs relevant to their needs, such as, C-Suite, RevOps, Sales, Customer Success, and more.

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