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Whether you have a short-term project or need a long-term partner, MRM’s Continuous Optimization Programs help turn sales and marketing goals into revenue.

Why work with us?

MRM is an experienced systems integration company that plans, develops, and implements best-in-class sales and marketing operations ecosystems for B2B clients. Our team is technology-agnostic, meaning we provide support for any software your team uses. We specialize in customized onboarding & training programs, ongoing technical support contracts, long-term revenue operations execution, and difficult technical configurations.

Continuous Optimization Program

Your company’s needs are unique, so we customize agreements based on your requirements and budget. Continuous Optimization Program engagements range from 3 to 12 months. During this time, we work with you to understand your current people, processes, and technology, and create a roadmap for success that’s founded on a realistic set of priorities. Here are just a few items that you may want to include in your continuous improvement program.

Technical support
and expertise

Whether you need day-to-day advice or hands-on implementation, our experts provide dedicated and personalized services. We learn your unique requirements and technology to ensure our solutions address your immediate and future needs.

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Ongoing marketing, sales, and
revenue operations support

From operations strategy to execution assistance, our team can support anything, including: strategic guidance, building campaign assets, implementing accurate reports, and managing your projects from concept to completion.

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Revenue Operations Ecosystem

Close gaps across people, processes, systems, and data. Align your Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service teams under a unified RevOps structure.

Sales and Marketing Alignment

Demand Generation Ecosystem®

Audit your lead generation process to pinpoint the areas in your sales and marketing operations that need improvement in order to meet your revenue goals.

Technical Assessment

Discover gaps in your tech stack. See where your CRM works, where it doesn’t, and where you can better align with best practices to close more deals, more quickly.

Full Funnel Data Strategy

Close more deals, more quickly with tailored marketing campaigns powered by a full-funnel data strategy that provides one source of truth to your entire organization.

  • Data normalization
  • Database cleanup
  • Data deduplication
  • Data appending
  • Data flow between systems
  • Customized drip campaigns and nurture sequences

Marketing Automation

Get your marketing software in sync with your strategy and help your prospects navigate a logical, consistent buying journey.

  • Lead scoring models
  • Lead management process consulting
  • Build automated nurture campaigns
  • Email and landing page template creation
  • Marketing attribution reporting
  • Ongoing marketing operations support
  • Integration with Salesforce CRM
  • Selection, implementation, and optimization of your sales/marketing tech stack

End-to-End Reporting

Work with an experienced, technology-agnostic team to build end-state reports that address your business goals and improve transparency across your entire organization.

  • Database growth and MQLs generated
  • Channel performance
  • Opportunities generated
  • Marketing influence on closed-won business
  • Pipeline revenue reports
  • Pipeline velocity reports
  • Campaign attribution

Sales Revenue Accelerator Program

Streamline your sales process to sell more, faster. Build a sustainable, efficient cadence for your sales follow-up programs with an improved tech stack and overhauled internal processes.

Our Methodology

Understand your organizational goals

We work with project stakeholders to gain insight into your company’s strategy, requirements, goals, and KPIs.

Review your ecosystem & develop a roadmap

We audit your systems, processes, and data to identify challenges and outline recommendations.

Prioritize projects with you

MRM experts will work with your team to build an implementation plan with priorities, milestones, and timelines.

Onboarding, training, and engagement execution

As we optimize your processes and technology, we will document any changes your customer-facing team will need to adopt, and train your team on new processes.

What we can help you with

HubSpot Consulting

We know what it takes to succeed with HubSpot and have the expertise to fully implement and integrate any HubSpot product, especially sticky, difficult, technical configurations.

HubSpot & Salesforce Integration

Tie HubSpot and Salesforce together seamlessly. Establish effective metrics and reporting for leadership, improve ROI on your operational and technological infrastructure, and drive sales and marketing goals.

HubSpot Operations Hub

Supercharge your HubSpot environment with Operations Hub, which offers a unified toolset, bi-directional sync, cleaned and curated record data, and advanced workflow functionality.

HubSpot Implementation

From standard HubSpot implementations to specialized integrations and functionality, our highly experienced HubSpot Yetis have seen it all. We’ll prepare your portal for go-live and then train your team.

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Marketing Planning & Execution

Get the most from your marketing budget with a set of marketing experts that have 10+ years experience helping clients use marketing and sales technologies to achieve their business goals.

  • Goal and objective planning
  • Build and execute marketing campaigns
  • End-state reports for performance tracking
  • Ongoing marketing operations support

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Sales CRM

Discover what happens to the leads you generate, and how to close more deals. Optimize your CRM so that your team can focus on sales and marketing rather than the technology.

  • Selection, implementation, and optimization
  • Sync data across Leads, Contacts, and Opportunities
  • Lead performance tracking
  • Sales pipeline management
  • Marketing campaign attribution
  • Lead assignment rules
  • Marketing attribution reporting
  • Sales performance reporting

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Pardot Consulting

We specialize in all things Pardot, including: implementations, optimizing existing Pardot deployments, and integrating Pardot with

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