Successful marketing campaigns incorporate strategic segmentation lists. Are you segmenting your data within HubSpot to increase ROI? If not, you need to be.

Customers vs Prospects

Segmenting those who have made previous purchases is a great way to send targeted messages. Based on a customer’s purchase history you can deduce what other products or services they would likely be interested in. You can also track the lifecycle of that original product and send information around the time they should consider purchasing an upgrade or buying a replacement.

The information that you communicate with a customer vs. a prospect is also different. While customers may already know and love your product or service offerings, prospects will need to be educated on them while simultaneously working to grow their trust with you and your brand.


Depending on your business and your market area, the creation of geographically segmented lists can be extremely effective. If you’re marketing to national or international markets, people living in different locations are likely to have different needs or desires. Additionally, cultural characteristics can impact how and when to best communicate your offerings and promotions.


Your personas represent different buyer types who have different preferences, behaviors and attitudes toward your product. While they may be interested in the same product, the reason for their interest could be very different. Your content must speak to those differences, and hone in on what’s most important to each persona.

Funnel Stage

What stage of the buying process is your prospect in? The information you send to a brand new prospect who only just started their research should be educational and informative (awareness stage). Whereas someone who has demoed your product, had a free consultation, or requested a quote is looking for more detailed information about making a purchase (decision stage).

Cart or Form Abandoners

Someone who leaves their cart is likely in that decision making stage. They intended to purchase your product but something stopped them from doing so. Creating an email campaign reminding them of their abandoned item, or asking them if you can answer any additional questions, can prove beneficial to the bottom line.


Track who opens and clicks on all of your emails, visits your website, interacts on social media etc. Show your appreciation to your loyal readers by rewarding them for their ongoing support with a VIP coupon or promotion. These types of targeted campaigns can help to make them feel special foster a trusting relationship.

How do you segment your lists? Have you found that one particular segmentation method stands out in the crowd? We’d love to hear about your experiences. And if you need help building, organizing, or marketing to you newly segmented lists, we can help. The Yetis are waiting to hear from you – call (571) 606-3106 or email anytime!


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