Sales Lead Generation Should Be Quality, Not Quantity

For sales lead generation efforts, quality should be top priority. Quantity does not mean that you’ll convert higher numbers.

According to a study conducted by Ascend2, getting a better quality of leads is the most important objective for 70% of those surveyed.

While this is admirable, the survey also highlighted a disturbing point – very few of the respondents cited lead data management and analysis of the information, which, if used, could help in figuring which targets are best for lead generation.

Collecting, and understanding the information you gather from your email campaigns, blog posts and website landing pages will help you filter out which leads are the most promising. Improving the accuracy and correctly interpreting lead data analytics will take you far in getting better quality leads to start the buyer’s journey.

The survey also showed that the most useful metric to measure lead generation performance is the number of sales qualified leads generated.

The best way to measure that is by bringing information from both sides of the house: Sales CRM and Marketing Automation.

In order to understand how to get the best leads with the highest conversion rate, you need a CRM and marketing automation platform that can be individually customized with granular information for lead scoring and integrated to successfully pass sales information to the marketing automation software.

Without both tools working well on their own and together, the information you collect won’t mean anything and it can’t help you achieve your company’s sales and marketing goals.

While CRM/marketing automation software brings a lot “out of the box,” the challenge is weaving together what you sell, how your marketing and sales programs work together (or not), and any defined key performance metrics and all the underlying data collected to measure those goals.

We understand how difficult it can be to correct those aspects while you’re still running a marketing function – whether it’s nailing down goals and objectives, capturing marketing automation software requirements or where there are gaps in the marketing and sales procedures and programs.

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