Are You Challenged By Persona-Based Marketing?

Are you unsure about how to develop a persona-based marketing strategy?

If you’ve been wondering how to effectively market to multiple personas, then you’ll want to register for an upcoming webinar Measured Results Marketing is doing in conjunction with ReachForce, a marketing data company that helps businesses clean up and understand the information their marketing programs and systems generate.

Sign up now for “The Underworld of Persona-Based Marketing: Secrets to Successful Persona-Based Marketing” webinar on Wednesday, November 4, 2015 10am ET / 1pm PT.

In this hour-long webinar, you’ll see how to:

  • Go beyond generic, ideal customer profiles and define individual personas
  • Use the lead generation data you’ve collected to develop focused campaigns for your personas
  • Use Hubspot, a marketing automation system, to build lists and persona profiles
  • Automate a personalized content process and offers in Hubspot

This webinar is jointly presented by Christopher Antonopoulos, CEO & Founder of Measured Results Marketing and Emily Thornhill, Marketing Automation Manager, ReachForce.

B2B marketers struggle with bad lead generation data, non-standard automated processes and execution strategies to do successful segmentation.

Christopher and Emily will show you specific step by step instructions to either improve your current process or put one in place with the tips and information they’ll talk about in this webinar.

Register today to learn more.

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