Despite the rise of inbound marketing strategies, outbound calling campaigns are still a popular sales tactic used by many businesses. And for good reason: well-designed out-bound calling campaigns work. In order to run a successful calling campaign, careful planning must take place.

Questions You Should Be Able To Answer:

1) What is the value of a closed deal associated with follow-up?

2) How many contacts and what is the criteria for choosing them? (Email open, target account, etc.)

3) Once initial contact is made with the prospect, what is the process from that point?  (Schedule a meeting with a direct sales rep, close the deal, etc.)

4) What are the criteria for success?  (Having a conversation, closing a deal, etc.)

5) What research is required before making a call?

6) What is the time frame from marketing action to making a call, (the faster the better)?

7) If the leads go cold again, what action will you then take? (Send another email and call those who open it?) 

Think through these key questions when planning an outbound calling campaign.  You also need to remember that consistency and uniformity are important across the board. All calling agents should go through the same training and feel well informed on the subject matter. The calls that are most successful are those where a genuine conversation takes place.

Have you planned successful outbound calling campaigns in the past? Do you always answer these questions? Are there others that you’d include? Do any of these questions leave you feeling stumped? If you need help strategically planning and executing such an effort for your organization, Measured Results Marketing can help. Email or call us at 571-606-3106.