Centreville, Va. — April 4, 2018 — Measured Results Marketing (MRM), a leading marketing technology and sales CRM consultancy, announces 94-percent, year-over-year revenue growth in 2017. To support the unprecedented expansion, the company doubled its staff to better serve its growing client base in the technology, association and professional services markets.

In 2017, MRM focused on perfecting a work environment that encourages a better work-life balance and promotes Agile Methodology to create confident and fearless team members. By embracing adaptive planning, early delivery and continuous improvement, MRM is able to better provide its customers with an agnostic approach to technology selection, implementation and integration. Providing this high level of support and knowledge has proven to fundamentally affect its clients by easing stress and allowing them to find a better balance in what matters most when it comes to their professional and personal lives.

MRM also focused its efforts on improving its Demand Generation Ecosystem® throughout 2017. A proprietary process, the Demand Generation Ecosystem® synchronizes marketing programs, marketing automation tools and sales CRM in order to deliver real ROI. MRM is able to build and optimize its clients’ ecosystems using sales and marketing technology such as Eloqua, HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot, SalesForce.com and many others.

Christopher Antonopoulos, founder and CEO, Measured Results Marketing, said, “MRM experienced an incredible amount of growth in 2017. Our revamped internal processes and strategic Agile methodology have created a collaborative environment that allows each employee to tap into his or her own strengths. We encourage staff to use their gut instincts and individualized thinking for decision making, which has proven to produce great results for our clients. We expect to build upon our 2017 successes by continuing to expand our team of highly skilled Yetis that support the design, implementation and adoption of proven, reliable, leading-edge marketing and sales automation platforms that drive better business results for our customers.”

From 2015 to 2017, MRM expanded its client base 184%  and is projected to continue to grow in 2018. The company maintains long-term relationships with its customers, including retaining many of its initial clients.

About Measured Results Marketing
In the world of sales and marketing, delivering more qualified leads, stronger sales opportunities and closed-won business deals seems impossible – like finding a Yeti. Measured Results Marketing (MRM) is the only sales and marketing technology consultancy that helps technology, association and professional services firms find their Yetis. Founded in 2013, MRM uses a proprietary process, its Demand Generation Ecosystem®, to analyze and measure the alignment of sales and marketing operations. Bringing together industry and agency backgrounds, MRM’s marketing and technology experts agnostically recommend and apply technologies and infrastructures, combined with key metrics, to improve processes that support revenue cycle management. For more information, visit: www.measuredresultsmarketing.com.