Unlikely Marketing Data Providers For Information

Of all the marketing data providers to choose from, I bet that existing media companies wouldn’t occur to you. If so, you’re in good company because many businesses don’t routinely interact with media providers.

But if you think about it, media companies have great data to provide marketing insight. They want to know who is consuming their information, what they do, where they live, how old they are, and other important data that any marketer could leverage.

To their credit, media companies realize they need to re-invent and diversify what they offer, as technology and younger generation information consumers are different than their legacy audience in how and what they want to get news and other information.

marketing data providersThe definition of a media company is also changing. Nowadays they might offer you digital advertising solutions in addition to content that’s focused on your target audience.

By leveraging new technology and keeping up with generational needs, these companies can deliver tightly focused prospect and customer information you can use to develop personas, create a content marketing strategy or even specific marketing campaigns that stand a better chance of meeting the key performance indicators you’ve picked to achieve goals.

Here are just two types of information that any marketing organization could use to create better campaigns:

User’s behavior that indicates interests – collecting and analyzing online behavior, data scientists at media companies can show marketers how to target prospects with the right ad or email in a timely manner. The types of content consumed could show you that they are comparing products or services. You can tailor and deliver re-targeting ads or emails to them. This information can make your lead scoring models more accurate, and sales could increase.

Account-based marketing and digital tactics – using data bits like IP addresses and domain intelligence can provide insight to marketers on how to develop and field re-targeting ad campaigns or links with additional information on the topics web visitors are reading about.

So, think about developing a partnership with a media company to get better quality leads to put into the sales funnel. Ask a company about the technology they use, the data they gather and see if what they offer fits into your marketing and sales programs. Sure, you’ll need to do some testing to validate the technology methods and data, but if you haven’t done this before, you may have missed opportunities to reach more prospects.

Measured Results Marketing understands how elusive it is for marketing technology and data to work well together to give you real insight about your marketing program’s goals and objectives. Call us at 571-606-3106 to see how we can unpack your marketing program’s issues and delete the hurdles you’re facing.

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