4 Reasons To Consider Marketing Cloud Technology

Marketing cloud technology is fairly new, not well understood and has yet to gain widespread adoption. It has several advantages, but to leverage them often has a fairly long learning curve. At a recent cloud panel session, several industry experts debated the merits.

marketing cloudOne of the biggest things they noted is that about 10% of B2B marketers are mapping content to the buyer timeline. This is just one area where marketing cloud technology can make the process more efficient, but the trade-off is the time involved to get familiar enough with the platform to set up the mapping.

All the experts agreed that measuring revenue is the most important metric to measure the effectiveness of any marketing program. Aligning both sales and marketing programs is also key to increasing revenue, and using the same marketing automation tools can help both departments meet the common goal of getting more sales.

4 Benefits of Marketing Cloud Technology

Using cloud marketing technology helps you personalize customer journeys. Identifying all the personas you market to, and understanding the sales cycle lets you develop content that speaks directly to the prospect at every stage in the buying process.

Creating email campaigns that are tightly focused. You can quickly build comprehensive email campaigns and accurately track and measure the success of converting prospects to buyers.

Mobile device marketing that encompasses multiple device types. Whether your target audience uses smartphones, tablets or laptops to get information for making a buying decision, marketing cloud platforms can format your messages to render well across any computing device. You can also track app open rates, app interaction and more.

Perform social media marketing in concert with mobile and traditional online campaigns. Social media can be tracked via each platform, monitor your social presence, analyze conversations and make your social media strategy mobile-friendly. Social media interaction is no longer a luxury; your target audience expects you to participate.

While mastering marketing cloud applications isn’t easy, the pay-off is worth the effort. If you’re stuck in figuring out how to make your marketing automation and CRM coordinate sales and marketing efforts, let us help you untangle the functions to align tasks and workflows. Call us at 571-606-3106 or see our Services to learn more about how Measured Results Marketing can make your marketing campaigns more efficient to meet the company’s goals.

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