Marketing Campaign Management In 4 Process Steps

The first time you’re assigned marketing campaign management can be nerve-wracking. Hopefully, you’ve been mentored or nurtured along in previous campaigns that built your confidence to now step up and run one.

marketing campaign managementI’ve done quite a few myself, and these are four process steps that really help focus a campaign and make it manageable. Needless to say, you’ll be even more successful if all of your marketing team members excel at their tasks. If so, you’ll look like a marketing rock star!

What’s the objective?

The usual suspects are brand awareness, increasing prospects to boost conversion to customers, or to promote a new product or service. These are all fine, and if one of these are what you’ve been assigned, be sure to make objective attainable by being realistic about what you can accomplish. This is not to say you should set the bar extremely low to guarantee success, but the objective should also boost the business.

How much money do you have to spend?

As much as anything, the amount of money you get from above will be a driver for setting the objectives of the marketing campaign. Nobody’s going to get an unlimited budget, but if you’ve done other campaigns as a team member and have had access to the budget discussions, by now you should have a pretty good feel for whether or not you can create and implement a marketing campaign that has legs.

Should I use an outside agency?

It depends on a lot of factors. Outsiders don’t have a dog in the fight that’s company politics. They probably bring a fresh, unbiased view to the marketing campaign that can yield great strategies to use. If you’ve conducted due diligence and have found an agency that’s done this for a long time, has an established track record and understands your industry, you may have found a good use for much of your budget.

On the other hand (and there always is in marketing), if the agency you picked also works for the competition and neglects to tell you, this is a conflict of interest. Some agencies specialize only in singular services, so be sure the one you want to work with has experience with everything you need help with. Be sure the agency has enough resources of their own to fulfill your contractual requirements. Large, but not too large, and what number that is can be really fluid.

Are you analyzing how effective the marketing campaign is?

Now you’re in full swing, and the campaign is underway. Data is coming in. Staying on top of the progress everyday by having your team measure the effectiveness of what they’ve created will help you figure out mid-course corrections. Are you getting close to your stated objectives? Make changes, put them out to your prospects and customers, and measure some more. If you’ve engaged an outside agency, make sure to ask extremely focused questions about campaign performance, document what’s being done, and keep on managing.

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