marketing campaign ideasComing up with marketing campaign ideas can be tough. You don’t want to keep on doing the same old, same old every time, because your target audience will get jaded. But what can you do that will work? Here are four ideas to help you get jump started. Not everyone may be appropriate to what you offer, but these ideas will at least get you going.

  • Create a humorous story that will resonate with your target audience – But be careful – is this is even appropriate? Has it been tried before? If so, did it work? For example, Xerox has rolled out a marketing campaign that’s airing during the U.S. Open Tennis Championships called “Work Can Work Better.” It tells the story of an executive who’s bombarded with information. The background music is a 60’s hit by Harry Nilsson called “Everybody’s Talkin’ At Me.”
  • Slideshare – if a picture is worth a lot of words, then a slide show with pictures and some text to illustrate the point can work just as well. This enormously popular feature is free, and you can develop a very creative marketing campaign for your product or service by envisioning a set of useful, informative, unique slides to tell a story, demonstrate a process, or solve a problem across a slideshow journey that can be quickly scanned and understood.
  • “World,” or “National” Day – it seems like everyday pays homage to something. There’s National Trail Mix Day, Bring Your Manners To Work Day, Holistic Pet Day, and many, many more. Why not build a campaign around one of these celebrations that relates to what you offer? Here’s a great website to help you quickly find something that relates to your business: Days Of The Year. Did you know that June 30th of each year is now Social Media Day? Think what you could come up with if you are a social media marketing services provider!
  • Your product in action – GoPro, the camera, is a great example. Not only do you find their ads highlighting how to use the camera, but you can also see how real people use their GoPro while snowboarding, flying small aircraft or attached to a drone while photographing events. Showing prospects how to use something of yours in a genuine way always resonates. What can you think of?

If you have some marketing campaign ideas, but aren’t sure how to effectively wrap your arms around the data that’s generated, let MRM close the loop for you. We can help you understand what your marketing automation software has captured, and how you can best use that information to improve your campaigns for more revenue. Call us at 571-606-3106. Check out the services we offer.

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