Creating strategic and effective lead nurturing goals is the cornerstone of any successful marketing campaign. Selecting the correct marketing technology to implement these goals is also an important part of the process. But right now, we’ll focus on the big picture – the top 3 overarching lead nurturing goals of any successful campaign.

Lead nurturing is a process of continual communication to assist prospects in moving through the buying cycle. It is through this process that you can build a relationship with your clients and become their trusted go-to resource.

Permission Granted

First and foremost, you must be granted permission to communicate with your prospect.   This is crucial, because a misstep could mean being marked as spam or possibly blacklisted. Make sure you have all necessary measures in place to follow all email guidelines and promptly remove anyone who unsubscribes. Without permission you have nothing. So this is arguably the most important goal of any lead nurturing campaign. Take it seriously and be clear on the type of information you are offering your prospects.


Know your prospects. Understand their interests. Provide quality content that answers their questions. After all, these prospects are coming to you because they have a problem they need help solving. They are searching for the best possible solution. And this is exactly what you need to provide.   Be aware of how and when the prospect moves from one stage of the buyer’s journey to the next. Create content that speaks to each stage and provides the correct level of detail. Additionally, segment your audiences and get as specific as you can wherever and whenever possible. The more personalized the communication, the more likely you are to relate to the prospect and capture their attention.


Engage with your audience. Take notice as to what your prospects are saying (on social media) and doing (behavioral traits) on your website. Are they sharing your content regularly, commenting on blogs, attending webinars, repeatedly visiting the same product pages, downloading freebies etc.? Monitoring these actions will give insight into their mindset and interests while also providing indicators as to when they are ready move on to the next stage of the buying process.

Never lose sight of these 3 goals. They will lead you down a path of converting prospects into customers. These larger goals feed into more specific goals for each piece of communication within your lead nurturing campaign. Interested in learning more? Have a question? Email or give us a call at 571-606-3106, and let’s discuss specifics about your business needs.

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