Better lead generation results are driving B2B companies’ marketing automation adoption, according to Regalix.

The report is interesting – the top three reasons why are:

  • To improve lead nurturing – 82%
  • To improve lead quality – 76%
  • To increase lead generation – 74%


Right behind these reasons is increasing sales revenue – 53%.

lead generation - State-of-B2B-Marketing-Automation11What I also found interesting from this report is that marketing automation tools are the choice to accomplish these goals. 59% of those surveyed said they depend strongly on their marketing automation software to help them improve their lead generation programs.

Not only that, but by using software, B2B companies stated they are meeting their objectives, and of the top five objectives, four are all about leads.

Because marketing automation can improve all aspects of lead generation, many of the respondents said they were increasing their software budgets over the next 12 months.

From my experience as a marketer, I know that it’s critical to have the best leads right away. Lead quality helps boosts sales and lets you meet both sales and marketing goals and objectives. Mastering your marketing automation tool’s ability to score and nurture leads saves you some time and energy.

If you would like to discuss ways to improve your lead generation program for sales and marketing or marketing automation adoption, give me a call at 571-606-3106 or message me here. Let’s go over what you currently have in place, and see how we can improve lead generation for your company.

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