First RevOps HubSpot User Group supports firms needing to scale their operations cross-organizationally: sales, marketing, product, customer support, and operations.

Measured Results Marketing (MRM), the global leader in enterprise sales and marketing automation consulting, announced the first RevOps HubSpot User Group (HUG). Revenue Operations is the consolidation of operations across your organization to provide your prospects and customers with a seamless experience.

Companies have increasingly adopted RevOps as a function over the past few years. The Boston Consulting Group research shows both an increase in sales productivity and a decrease in go-to-market costs. The RevOps HUG meeting is open to 350 people in North America. Professionals involved in RevOps, Sales, Marketing, Product, Customer Support, and Operations are welcome. Attendees do not need to be HubSpot users, but the discussion will refer to HubSpot’s platform and its 5 Hubs.

“Forrester indicates that RevOps Director searches on LinkedIn surpassed Sales Director by 68%. Organizations ready to scale their business need to establish the correct and professional way to incorporate this new discipline into their plans,” said Christopher Antonopoulos, CEO of Measured Results and HUG RevOps Leader. “We have seen through our sales and marketing technology work that visibility into pipeline, agreement on processes and communication, and proper use of technology lead to success. This HUG meeting represents a collective opportunity to define this new role. Special guest Kyle Jepson, Senior Inbound Professor from HubSpot, will co-host the event.”

Why Measured Results Marketing?

Evan Dean, Principal Channel Consultant from HubSpot said, “The HUG Team selected MRM to be a HubSpot User Group Leader based on their expertise in marketing, including the HubSpot tool set. When selecting MRM, we considered the awesome activation rates and feedback from the companies they worked with. Finally, we selected MRM because they know how to put on a great event!” MRM is a HubSpot Diamond Partner, one of the few AIC (Advanced Implementation Certified) Partners and brings ten years of experience to the meeting.”

“Christopher, and his team of Yetis at MRM, were instrumental in implementing our HubSpot sales and marketing platform. They have a deep understanding of the application of technology to execute marketing campaigns, attribute revenue, and improve market operations efficiencies.

This event promises to be particularly useful to understand how RevOps can support current organizational challenges,” said Simon Turner, CEO of Ocean 5 Strategies.

To participate in the RevOps HUG meeting on April 26th at 1:00PM Eastern, please visit the HUG event page to register. For questions, please contact Measured Results Marketing.

About Measured Results Marketing

Measured Results Marketing (MRM) is a sales and marketing technology consultancy that works with SaaS, association and professional services firms. They specialize in helping firms grow their pipeline, build efficiency into their operations, and create visibility around revenue operations. Founded in 2013, MRM uses a proprietary process, its Demand Generation Ecosystem®, to align the use of technology, internal processes, and measurement of results. MRM is a partner with almost 100 commonly used technologies and provides an independent view of their clients’ infrastructure. For more information, visit: