Hiring a Marketing Consultant?

Are you thinking of hiring a marketing consultant?

You’ve made the business decision to begin the process of hiring a marketing technology consultant to help you with a specific project. But are you truly ready? Take some time to make sure you know the answers to these questions before you dive head first in to the throws of hiring a consultant.

Questions You Need Answer

What business problem are you trying to solve?

This should be pretty easy. You have a problem that’s causing you grief and you need help. Clearly explaining the problem will help a consultant determine where to get started in analyzing the situation, reviewing current processes, and ultimately presenting a solution. Be as specific as possible when outlining and describing your problem – the more details the better.

What is the goal or desired outcome you will measure success by?

Lets say for example that the problem you’re facing is that you aren’t generating enough leads. Your desired outcome is obviously to bring in leads. But, what specifically are your goals? Will you be measuring quantity? Quality? Or both? How many form completes per week or per month does your business need? SMART goals are the best goals. Setting clear cut goals and expectations from the get go is an important part of a successful business/vendor relationship.

What marketing technology do you currently use?

Gather all pertinent information about the technology around your current process. Sometimes this is easy – you have one or two systems that the company uses. Other times organizations utilize a variety of complex technology systems that communicate with each other. A change to one, cam affect the others. Also, it’s important to bring all of the various stakeholders to the party. Most often this includes getting both Marketing & Sales teams on board with any proposed changes. If a consultant is hired by one department without the knowledge of the other department, it can definitely cause problems down the road. Collaboration and sharing the full picture of how technology connects each step of the buyer’s journey is necessary in pinpointing any problems and fixing them.

Are you married to these technology platforms or are you open to change?

The answer to this question will give the consultant direction on the type of solution available for your particular problem. Giving the consultant the full picture as to why these platforms were chosen, what’s working, and what’s not will help in determining how best to move forward and create change.

Who internally is the best person to work with the marketing technology consultant?

Identifying an internal resource to lead the charge is beneficial for the company and the consultant. Having one main point of contact to share information with, and provide feedback will help in smoothly working through the project.

What’s your budget?

Establishing a budget before beginning the consultant interviewing process is wise. Most consultants offer an hourly rate or retainer pricing. Having an idea of what you can spend can help shape the conversation of what types and amount of work can be accomplished to best meet your goals.

Once you’ve answered these questions you’ll be more than ready to start interviewing consultants and request proposals. 3-5 proposals are typically more than enough to review. Always ask them these questions, check references, and choose the consultant who you feel really gets your business. And if you’re currently hiring a marketing technology consultant, we’d love to talk with you. Happy hiring!

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