Marketing automation isn’t easy to figure out. There are more variables to consider than just price.  You can download reports and learn about the high-level functions, but there’s still something missing from them.

marketing automation toolsThese reports are very helpful in understanding your options in terms of marketing automation tools before switching. They are also useful for showing you what features they have and if the companies behind them are sound and continuing to invest in their solutions.

5 Marketing Automation Questions To Ask

What is missing is all of the information you need to decide which tool is best based on your business and on what you are trying to achieve. Before signing on the dotted line, here are a few practical considerations:


  1. How sophisticated is your marketing organization – do they have the skills to run these programs?
  2. What specific marketing programs do you want to run?
  3. Does the tool allow you to do this without too much difficulty?
  4. Will this still be the right tool in 6-8 months from now?
  5. How many customers/prospects do you plan on communicating with?

Make sure you set up those limits properly. If not, you could be in for a surprise at the end of the month – like those phone bills with extra data and call charges.

Overall, figure out what you want to accomplish first before getting into the sales process for any tool and talk to someone who has used and implemented the tool you’re considering.  You will do a much better job at selecting the right one if you figure how you want to use it, rather than getting caught up in all of the things that it can’t do.

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