Is your marketing database preventing your business from growing? Attend the ReachForce webinar on August 3rd at 1pm, and learn the top 5 steps you can take to fix your database.

Are you faced with any of these common problems:

  • Duplicates
  • Bounced emails
  • Lack of engagement
  • Numerous leads that aren’t qualified
  • No re-engagement strategy

You aren’t alone. It’s time to clean up your database. Quite simply, a clean database with accurate contact information will undoubtedly result in higher conversion rates.  When days, weeks, and months pass without reviewing and cleansing your data, your problem will snowball out of control.  It’s time to take action and create change.


During our webinar, Clean Up will be one of the 5 steps that we focus on. We will share with you simple and easy to implement daily and weekly tasks that will not only save you time but contribute to your future successes. Here’s a sneak peak about what we’ll discuss:

  • Centralizing data – the importance of managing all of your data in one program.
  • Segmentation – different ways to segment data to get the most out of it.
  • Data Entry Process – setting guidelines and expectations (how soon after an event is data entered, who enters it etc.)
  • Spam prevention  – email confirmations, double opt-ins

Register for the ReachForce webinar and get started on fixing your database and improving your marketing outreach and conversions rates


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