How Are Comfortable Are You With Digitization?

Digitization seems so ubiquitous. Smaller computers, more robust software, cloud computing, even smart clothing and smart watches are the norm.

You may have heard the term “the internet of things.” That’s the clothing, gear, vehicles and other devices that are smart and internet-capable. They compile and store data for us to review, be entertained by or make all kinds of decisions.

A recent study by Strategy& looked at 16 business industries to measure trends towards more innovative technology. I’m not going to go into it, but it’s part of an article by Jeffrey Rothfeder called “The Imagination Gap.”

digitizationIt’s a lengthy read, and as I read through it, the author made the point that if companies can master digital capabilities, they can proactively alter their businesses to customer needs.

I see this in the marketing automation software and tools my clients have purchased, or are considering purchasing.

The huge challenge is deciding which software represents the best fit. No two businesses are alike, and very few have the budget or the courage to have a custom marketing automation tool built for them.

But mastering, or even understanding how much power you have with a single marketing automation tool, or a set, is an even bigger challenge.

How old is your marketing program? When was the last time the sales processes were updated to reflect new technology and the way customers interact with their digital choices, and how they may or may not purchase from you?

While the article doesn’t talk about marketing and sales software, the reasons given in the article for companies to embrace and master new technology are the same.

We are able to collect more and more data about prospects and our websites. We can compile information about our marketing campaigns. But if we can’t pull all of this together through effective software applications, what do we really have?

How do we really know what’s working? This is why marketing automation is so challenging, but it can also be very rewarding when you finally get a set of reports that not only makes sense to you, but you’re able to explain it the CEO, COO and CFO to get their buy-in on continuing your marketing practices to meet sales goals and objectives.

Measured Results Marketing can help you untangle your software requirements and match them to realistic tools to make your marketing and sales programs more effective. Contact us to start the conversation.

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