When demand generation best practices are put in place, your business will grow its pipeline and attract more qualified leads. Based on far too many years in the trenches of B2B Marketing, here are some demand generation best practices that we recommend.

Marketing Database + Sales Database Integration

Integrating your marketing and sales databases is the first step in building and optimizing your Demand Generation Ecosystem ®. It enables marketers to clearly see the full picture and understand which campaigns are attracting the best leads and resulting in the highest conversions.

Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is all about supporting your prospects as they work through the decision making process. Prospects must receive the appropriate type of content during each phase of this journey.

This Hubspot image can help you visually see the process:



As you can see in the image, the phase in which your prospect falls will determine the type of information they should receive from you. If they are at the top of the funnel, your marketing materials should be more about awareness. And as they move along the information becomes more in-depth ultimately resulting in a sales pitch.

Lead Scoring

Developing a lead scoring model will help your sales team easily prioritize their day and focus their efforts on those leads that are most likely going to convert. The most important part of setting up a successful lead scoring model is making sure both marketing and sales are involved in the conversation. This is a collaborative effort that involves input and agreement from both sides.


Make sure you are evaluating the right metrics. And if you’re wondering – what are the “right” metrics? They are the metrics that help you to make better decisions. Often, this will include: lead source (where are the best leads coming from?), volume (clicks, form completes, # of MQLs, #of SQLs), and conversion rates (how many leads convert to customers?)

Start implementing these best practices and you’ll be generating demand like a pro! Have any questions? Need help with setting up your Demand Generation Ecosystem? They Measured Results Marketing Yetis are here to help. Give us a call at (571) 606-3106 or send an email we can’t wait to hear from you.

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