It’s time to hone those plans for demand generation activities. Whether your goal is to increase new client acquisitions or improve customer retention rates, the right demand generation activities will set you up to successfully attain those goals.

New Client Acquisition

Acquiring new customers is critical to the growth of any organization. To successfully attract your ideal client, you must target prospects accordingly and segment audiences based on their specific interests. Demand generation activities that you should consider to attract new customers:

Lead nurturing programs

Provide prospects with valuable information that they are interested in. Create lead nurturing programs that match up with the various products or services that you offer. Communicate with them regularly, educating them, and offering insights along the way.

Pay Per Click

Create pay per click ads for your products using keyword phrases that are relevant to your target market. Effective ads will attract more people to your website, allowing you the opportunity to share valuable information that will keep them wanting more.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Your website can only be effective if people are able to find it. By improving your website’s SEO and ranking higher on major search engines, you will undoubtedly find an increase in the amount of organic visits on your site.

Content Creation

Create valuable content for your prospects. This includes: blog posts, white papers, ebooks, articles, press releases etc.) Clearly demonstrate that you are a leader in the field by offering a fresh new perspective.

Improve Customer Retention

Once you attain new customers, you should have a strategy in place to keep them happy and ultimately turn them into repeat customers. Superb customer service is of the utmost importance and is where you should focus your efforts. Your customer needs to feel valued. When they have a question or concern, it must be addressed fully and as quickly as possible. In order to build brand loyalty, you must build strong relationships with your customers. Happy customers tell their friends and colleagues about your product, leading to more business. A few demand generation activities to keep in mind when working to retain customers include:


Personalized emails deliver six times higher transaction rates, but 70% of brands fail to use them. Be sure to ask the right questions. People visit your website for different reasons. Understanding your customer’s goals will allow you to create more personalized and targeted email campaigns that address their main concerns.

Email Marketing

Send emails focused on engaging customers, helping them to take full advantage of your product or service. These can be automated emails based on specific behaviors or actions taken, notification emails about deals or special product features, or even updates about recent happenings in your field.


Conduct customer service surveys to measure customer loyalty and identify unhappy customers. Use this data to address problems and better understand what changes or improvements can be made.

Social Campaigns

Utilize social media campaigns to engage with your audience, build awareness and gain influence in your field. The impact social media has on the buying process continues to grow. In fact, SiriusDecisions reports that 67% of the B2B buying experience is done digitally. A social presence has become imperative in our ever growing digital age.

At technology continues to advance and information always at our fingertips, prospects and customers alike are more demanding than ever before. With the right demand generation activities in place, you can ensure increased visibility, higher engagement rates, and improved communication as you work to nurture buyers through your sales funnel.

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