Is your marketing database helping or hindering your progress? Join us for the ReachForce webinar on August 3rd at 1PM and learn how to fix your database pain points by following our 5 step process. Get ready to become a more productive and efficient lead converting business.

We cover it all from identifying what your customers really want and adjusting your current system to accommodate those needs to planning ahead and putting processes in place to keep your data clean and performing at its best.


One of the 5 steps we go into detail on is Prevention Is The Best Cure. We’ll review how being proactive can save you time and money. Learn how to:

  • Easily implement safe guards on the front end of your website to prevent duplication, complete missing data, and standardize formatting.
  • Protect data through consistency in data entry processes and validation techniques.
  • Enhance data through email verification, completion of contact information, and gathering additional insights on your customers.
  • Manage Inactive Contacts by implementing time filters after a determined amount of inactivity.
  • Identify & Remove Garbage by creating campaigns to identify bogus email addresses and removing them entirely.

Start now and begin implementing simple techniques that will provide a great return on your investment.


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