Bad data is the enemy! When subpar inaccurate data stats invading your database, you expose your organization to serious financial risks. So, what data quality solutions can Marketing implement to protect yourself?


Inconsistencies with data, missing fields, and duplicates can sometimes be difficult to identify and fix. This complexity is because this bad data can run deep and involve third party data providers along with other external sources.

A thorough analysis conducted by an independent organization can provide an unbiased in-depth report about the overall quality of your data. Once you have a true assessment, you can then create a plan on how to develop and enforce data management policies.

Build a Data Quality Firewall

Protecting your data needs to be a top priority. And one way to do this is to prevent bad data from entering your system from the get go. To do this, you must create a data quality firewall. Simply put, this means utilizing software to protect your database and block duplicative, poor quality, invalid or corrupt data from entering your system.

Data Stewards

Employees responsible for working with your data, your data stewards, must be empowered to take ownership of it. The structure typically involves one main point of contact from each department that has access to the system. These appointed individuals can then make up a data governance team to help resolve any data issues that may arise. Department members will then have someone to turn to when the have a problem or have a suggestion as to how something could be improved.

Data Management Strategy

Having a clear cut data quality and management strategy and implementation plan is the key to maintaining data integrity. By selecting the correct tool and professionals to implement, monitor and govern the data you’ll be able to consistently transform, standardize and maintain a clean database.

Data management is a continuous process and involving business users on all levels to take ownership of their part in keeping the data clean is a great place to start. What types of data quality issues are you currently facing? Measured Results Marketing would love to hear about them. If we can be of any assistance, please email or call 571-606-3106.

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