Data Driven Marketing Changes

Data driven marketing trends and changes were discussed at the Business Marketing Association conference in Chicago earlier this year.

At a panel discussion during the conference, experts agreed that there’s plenty of data, but in order to make sense of it, marketers need to figure out what are the important measurable metrics that clearly demonstrate how effective (or not) their marketing campaigns are. The tools marketing personnel use are also as important, because being competent at pulling out the right data and looking at it in context is the only way to accurately measure KPIs.

B2B buyers are changing as the internet is front and center in their efforts to research service and product solutions that fit budgets, needs and timelines.

Not only that, but the B2B researchers surveyed in 2014 show that millennials (age 18 – 34) are almost half of those who search for business solutions. One of the biggest impacts is that this age group is moving away from using desktops to search for assistance in favor of mobile devices.

data driven marketingProspective buyers watching videos to determine which products and services are right is on the rise. Finally, this generation will not always choose established brands to purchase from, but will definitely consider competitors who are very digital and mobile-friendly.

What should you take away from these findings?

First, your website should be up to date by being mobile-friendly across multiple devices. From tablets to smart phones and watches, your site should be easy to navigate, with the most important information on the screen as soon as the prospect lands on your site.

Have you considered creating some videos to showcase your services, products and expertise? If not, now is the time to incorporate video content creation into your marketing strategy. Video doesn’t always have to be expensive and time consuming, but it should appeal to your target audience.

Are you fairly new to your industry? That’s not necessarily a bad thing, if millennials are one of your personas. If you’re fresh, genuine and unique, that could be an edge to getting these B2B prospects to convert to clients.

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