B2B Marketing Strategy

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As marketing in the B2B landscape continues to evolve, it is ever so important to have a consistent B2B marketing strategy.  This strategy must incorporate well thought out campaigns and engaging content to keep current customers interested, while continually generating new leads for your business. Keep these tactics in mind when planning out your next campaign:

Increase Credibility

People will only buy from you and become repeat customers if they can trust you and the service or product that you are selling. And how do you build trust? You keep it real. Be clear, concise, and always listen to what your customers are saying.


Never sell a solution that isn’t in your customer’s best interest. Be clear on what you offer and the benefits or advantages of your product or service. Truth and integrity go a long way and are the foundation of building solid ongoing working relationships.


On your website and campaign landing pages, be succinct and to the point. Share valuable content that demonstrates your expertise in the field. Make it easy for prospects to contact you by clearly displaying your contact information.

Social Media

Promote your business on social media. Engage with your customers – ask them questions, answer their concerns, and collect useful data about your audience and their interests.

Provide Value

After informing your customers of who you are and what you do, now you must provide value. By doing so, you can engage them further and nurture them through the sales funnel.

Understand What Drives Value

What do your prospects need help with? Talk to them. Survey them. Don’t assume you know what they want, do the research and ensure you’ve got it right.

Free Offer

Whether it’s an ebook, report, webinar, free trial or any other type of free offer, be clear about what you are providing and how it will benefit them.


What makes you different from your competitors? Hone in on those differences and use them to your advantage. Pay particular attention the the customers who care the most about this attribute you’ve identified as giving you the competitive edge.


Once you know what your customer wants, and have strategically created content, it’s time to get the right eyes on it.

Targets & Objectives

Set SMART goals which will allow you to monitor and measure your success throughout your marketing campaigns.


Not everyone will be ready to buy from you immediately. That’s why it’s so important to utilize marketing automation to nurture your leads providing relevant information to them based on exactly where they are in the sales funnel.


Track what works and what doesn’t. Use this information to improve the performance of future campaigns. Need help with end-to-end reporting? Contact us!

Happy customers are the lifeblood to your business. Effectively implementing a marketing plan and having the right tools and technology to execute that plan is the key to success. At Measured Results Marketing, we make sure that technology doesn’t get in the way of your marketing. In other words, we make sure the backend of your marketing and sales databases are setup properly and running like a well oiled machine. Do you want to maximize the results of your next marketing campaign? Call us at 571-606-3106 or email to learn more.

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