Are you a B2B Marketer looking to drum up new business and attract more leads? We’ve put together a list of B2B marketing campaign ideas for you to consider.

Video Content

Including video on a landing page has shown to boost conversion by 80%. So if you haven’t started creating videos to promote your business and its products or services, now is the time. Here are some ideas on what sort of videos you could produce:

Demo A Product

Create a short video showing how your product works and why it would benefit the customer.


Create an animated video clip using a tool like Powtoon to tell a story and demonstrate value.


Create videos of your happy customers talking about their success after using your product or service.

Live Video

Film live video that allows you to interact with your customers and answers any questions they may have.

Social Media


Regularly post on social media to build brand awareness and share valuable content with prospects.


Write in first person, and infuse personality with your content allowing your audience to feel more connected and engaged.

Use LinkedIn

Focus on a targeted list of individuals. Participate in groups, use inmail, and run ads to connect and engage with prospects who are could potentially be interested in your products or services.



Upcycle previously used content to extend its shelf life and reach.

Create Infographics

Design infographics to give your audience a visual look at the information you are sharing with them.


Create a short video summarizing one of your most popular blog posts.


Transform a webinar into an e-book for those who prefer to read your content instead of watch it

What have been some of your most successful B2B marketing campaign ideas and how you shared them with your customers? Have you incorporated them into your marketing automation system? Need help with that? The Yetis are here for you. Give us a call at (571) 606-3106 or send an email.


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