Our Approach

We all know the buzzwords: pipeline, automation, targets. But what about the reality beneath the buzz? Call it analysis or just smart thinking, but we dig deep to uncover the root causes of marketing dysfunction. And find the unexplored opportunities for synchronizing marketing, processes, and sales into one system that delivers real returns.

Marketing automation consulting with Measured Results Marketing includes evaluating your marketing and sales staff, as well as the automation tools they use. We perform a gap analysis and give you recommendations for overhauling and improving the way your marketing software and personnel can meet the company’s sales goals. We tell you what it’s like to get things done by us, with our approach to developing projects and identifying deliverables. Our process looks like this:

Step 1: We get to know your business.

It’s simple…we solve your marketing problems and find more qualified business for you. We sit down at your tables, chairs and desks and ask questions. We look at current software capabilities and your process documents for marketing and sales.

Step 2: We build a plan unique to your marketing needs.

We identify where your problems are and what needs to be fixed. We pull it all together and help you prioritize the solutions.

Step 3: We help you implement the plan.

Then, we join you in the trenches and get embedded to knock out the hard work that’s needed to fix your sales and marketing problems, to get them working together in the right way.

But how do we actually do it, you ask?

Measured Results Marketing helps businesses generate leads and up-sell existing customers by building and/or optimizing a Demand Generation Ecosystem (TM). We begin with a conversation about your business and see if you can address a few basic questions:

  • What did you actually get from the $5k invested in that marketing program? (generate sales pipeline, increase website visits, improve in keyword rankings in Google, or was just it a waste of money)
  • What happened to all the leads marketing generated for the Sales team? (followed up with right away, turned into sales opportunities, generate revenue, or not activity at all)
  • Will your company meet its revenue target based on these marketing programs, if not, what do you do?

Measured Results Marketing uses a proprietary process to figure the answers to the questions above and resolve them. Our end goal is to allow you to measure the results of your marketing programs and adjust them to beat your revenue targets. We specialize in building and optimizing demand generation ecosystems using marketing automation tools which includes Eloqua, HubSpot, Marketo, and Pardot and sales CRM systems which includes SalesForce (SFDC).