Marketing Operations

Marketing Operations is an evolving role in the marketing world.  Typically, you’ll find that responsibilities and job descriptions for this position vary across the board. But, we at Measured Results Marketing, put together a list of 5 tasks we believe you should expect of a Marketing Operations Professional.


Data Management

Managing your organization’s database of contacts, data integrity (keeping it clean), normalization (consistent values for field and field formatting), and list segmentation all fall on Marketing Operations.  Remember, you’re only as good as your data, so your data better be good! Having a person or a team of people keeping your data in tip-top shape always proves beneficial when planning marketing campaigns.


Integrating Software/Systems and managing the connections and flow of data from the marketing database to the sales database, is definitely a Marketing Ops responsibility.  Making sure information transfers smoothly and the sales team have the data they need is key.  Integration issues will undoubtedly arise. But with a Marketing Operations person/ team in place, you’ll stay organized, and on task.

Software Owner

Marketing Operations is usually responsible for onboarding new software users and getting them set up with the proper access levels. Additionally, they are also responsible for removing individuals who no longer need access or have left the company.

Infrastructure Build

When your organization needs to update any automation of tasks within a marketing automation tool – ie;  creating new workflows, smart calls-to-action, or integrating functionality of the website, they will turn to Marketing Operations.

Support tickets

Managing support tickets with Software vendors, is also a part of the job. Having someone to not only track all tickets, but understand the overall impact on the business is extremely helpful. They can then prioritize the tickets and make sure all issues are resolved in a timely manner.

Whether your company is small or large, a Marketing Operations professional will provide you with insights, and integration capabilities, that will help you compete in an ever changing world of rapidly accelerating data and intelligence. Have questions about this type of role and how it could help your organization? A Yeti would love to chat with you about it.  Email or give us a call at 571-606-3106 today.