Product Updates

The end of the year is like no other in terms of thinking about what you have accomplished in the past year and what is coming in the next year. The close of 2019 is even more exceptional as we enter a new decade. Who knows what the 2020’s will bring, but the predictions range from flying cars cruising the highways, to marketers who cross the gap in salary to be on the same playing field as sales. HubSpot rolled out many new features and enhancements to their Growth Suite in 2019. Here are 5 HubSpot updates that we recommend you try in the new year, if you aren’t already:

1. The Merging Contact Feature

This feature provides an easier way for you to eliminate duplicates and clean out your database.  The merge duplicates feature is also available for cleaning up company records.  This is a great project to do while watching your favorite holiday movie and also has the added benefit of cleaning out contacts that are no longer valuable.

2. Get Familiar with the Redesigned Contacts Page Layout

It takes a bit of getting used to, having scrolling bars on either side of the main activity information but now you have a lot more data available at your fingertips

3. Reporting

There are a few features that will help you better understand how your campaign is running, in particular, the Marketing Email Analytics which is currently in Beta.  You can now better show this influence of these campaigns and report their results.

4. Integration with Salesforce (Sync Errors)

HubSpot has redone this entire area to make it easier to figure out how to fix records that are not syncing and even has the ability to send notifications so that something is not working the way it is expected.

5. Workflows

Though this feature is not right off the presses, the ability to build workflows across all of the Hubs (Marketing, Sales and Service) is new and solves many of the challenges of advanced programs and automation across the software.

Even More Updates for Enterprise Customers

If you are an Enterprise Customer there are a few more recent HubSpot updates that are particularly exciting.

Form an enterprise perspective, HubSpot has made investments in features that are either live or in Beta that will help you up your game.

  1. Marketing Attribution Reporting – This is an area where companies have been asking about more than just first touch and last touch reporting for activities that impact revenue.
  2. ABM (Account Based Marketing) – HubSpot has this feature in Beta now that allows you to better market to your target account
  3. Reporting includes many of the features that used to be part of the Reporting Add On.  You can now build more reports and customize them a bit better than before.

Want to try these out in your portal, we can help you enroll in the Beta programs to have a first look and use of this functionality.

Not confident in being able to apply these techniques, connect with us and we can help.

If you really want to dig deep into all of the changes, below is a link to the HubSpot blog with these updates from Inbound.