What is lead nurturing and how do you improve your lead nurturing process?

Lead nurturing is the automated process of sending your prospects emails that are relevant to their current needs and introducing them to your business. It’s all about providing top quality content that helps the customer move along in the buyer’s journey, ultimately ending with a purchase. It also helps present more highly qualified contacts to sales for personal follow-up.

The top 4 ways to improve your lead nurturing process include:

Align Marketing & Sales

Closed loop communication between marketing and sales will undoubtedly lead to more closed-won business. These two teams need to be on the same page. From identifying the characteristics that deem a lead to be “qualified” to providing feedback on marketing materials, and understanding workload, these two groups must work together to meet all sales and revenue goals.

Incredible Content

The value of the content you offer must be top-notch. People are bombarded with emails all day, every day, so yours really need to stand out from the 215 on average emails. Be creative. Remember the importance of a good subject line, as this is the first thing your customer will see. Once they open the email you have to WOW them with valuable information. And if you aren’t sure what that means exactly, do research, talk to your customers, talk to your sales team, and give the people the information they need to enable their purchasing decision.

Email Organization

If your business has a variety of products and/or services, organizing your emails into categories and identifying the best order and natural progression of those emails is extremely important. When customers download an ebook on a specific topic, or regularly visit one particular product page, they should be nurtured and entered into a sales funnel accordingly. Mapping out all the emails is a great way to visually see the progression, and determine if the current order makes sense or if changes should be made.

Track, Measure, Analyze

Monitoring campaigns, evaluating feedback and testing new ideas is all part of improving the customer’s experience. Setting benchmarks, and monitoring metrics will allow you to see what practices are working really well, what isn’t working, and ultimately enable you to make changes to ensure you meet your goals.


Businesses should constantly be working to improve their lead nurturing process. The Yetis at Measured Results Marketing are experts at evaluating marketing programs, identifying what needs to be fixed, and implementing those changes. If you are looking for that type of expertise, we want to speak with you. Give us a call at 571-606-3106.


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