B2B Demand Generation ideas are all about creating demand for your products or services in the marketplace. Successfully implementing such a program will result in an increase in leads and ultimately an increase in new customers. Creating demand involves careful marketing planning, generating new ideas, and trying something new and measuring the results

Here are 4 starting points to get that marketing part of your brain ticking over.

Create and distribute content that show prospects that you clearly understand the problem(s) that they are facing, and offer tangible, practical advice that they can use to make progress in deciding how to best solve their problem.

Create giveaways that that are fun and different – maybe an interactive app, or a sample of your product – something that has that wow factor! You want your prospects to not only think what you are giving them is cool, but something that is useful, that they will remember, and they may even tell their friends and/or colleagues about.

Actively use social media to generate leads by engaging within different online communities. There are various platforms available, and one of the most popular for B2B businesses is LinkedIn. Participating in LinkedIn groups and posting blogs will not only connect you with a broader network of people, but it can be the starting point for building trusting and meaningful relationships with prospects as well as other industry leaders.

While building relationships online is very important, it will never replace the importance of face-to-face meetings. Attend and speak at industry conferences and seminars, talk to your ideal clients, and stay up-to-date with their changing needs. These types of events will position you and your company as a leader in the industry; a resource for others to turn to when they need their questions answered.

Work closely with the sales team. Regularly conduct meetings to request their feedback. Listen to any struggles they are currently facing, and brainstorm new ways to support them (i.e.; new marketing materials).

There are many strategies of how to generate leads, but it all comes down to creating

valuable content that speaks to and resonates with your audience. Of course, technology and automated marketing are extremely helpful with this process as well. If your business needs help with B2B demand generation ideas, or implementing or analyzing your marketing automation tools, we at Measured Results Marketing want to help you. Email or call us at 571-606-3106.

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