Inbound Marketing Ideas For Increased Engagement And Conversion Rates

Marketing Sherpa has an inbound marketing case study that shows the top three ways to boost your efforts with tactics that you can easily implement.

The first tactic is coming up with innovative, new ways for content integration.

Using email and social media campaigns, a hotel developed social media accounts for Pinterest, Google Plus, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. The company also launched a new website that emphasized a cohesive value proposition in their marketing messaging. The hotel reported a 52% increase in revenue by using this tactic.

A blogger who had collected literally thousands of emails over several years, but never set up any lists, decided to create an email campaign that was a series of lessons he learned to make his blog successful.

3 inbound marketing tacticsThe second tactic that worked used customer feedback to improve marketing strategies and efforts.

A fitness chain set up a new referral program that used social media to get the word out. They got more than 300,000 referrals from members.

A large baby products retailer set up a Facebook contest that encouraged moms to post product reviews. In seven months, they gained more than 2000 reviews by offering this contest.

Tactic #3 is using social media platforms you’d previously not considered.

One business created a design contest for customers by hosting it on Instagram, and re-distributing it through Facebook, Twitter. Tumblr and Pinterest. This campaign got 1 million new impressions and increased followers by 32%.

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