You have made it into 2020, congrats! The first quarter of the year is a critical time to think through the strategies and plans that you will leverage throughout the year. As data-driven process wonks, we Yetis like to use a set of key questions to help frame our planning for the year, and revisit throughout the year to validate that our plans are on track. Here are our 20 questions to ask yourself at the beginning of 2020.

Looking Back on 2019

1. What did we do in 2019 that was effective?

2. What did we do in 2019 that was not as successful?

Looking Ahead to 2020 Goals

3. What do we want to accomplish in 2020?

4. How will we gauge success in 2020?

5. Are there teams within my organization that need to be aligned toward these goals?

Understanding Your Marketing Universe

6. How are we keeping up with shifts in marketing trends?

7. Do we know who is in our universe of prospects?

8. How can we create a better experience for our customers?

9. What can we learn from our competitors?

10. What makes us stand out from the crowd?

11. How personalized is our marketing to our customers?

Planning & Resources

12. How frequently should we set milestones (monthly, quarterly, etc.) and/or reassess them?

13. Do we have the tools that we need to run our program and do we know how to use them?

14. Do we have the team in place to get started and do they have the training they need?

15. Should we do all of this in house?

16. Do we have access to reliable data? If not, do we have a plan to fix this?

17. Have we considered all that we need to in order to get started?

Measuring Success

18. Can we currently track our program’s ROI?

19. How will we track our efforts to measure our success this year?

20. How will metrics and results influence future plans?

All 20 of these questions lead into the ultimate question, how to get started with your plan? Whether you are still identifying your goals, or know where you need to go, getting started is often the hardest part. We are here to help! Contact us today for help creating your plans and putting them into action.