I like these two HubSpot case studies on making marketing programs more efficient. Since marketers are strapped for time and personnel, it is hard to meet the company’s goals for increasing sales. Both of these case studies show the value of relying on expert HubSpot consulting.

HubSpot Case Study: Datanyze Adopts HubSpot

Datanyze was using separate marketing systems to drive sales. Since none were integrated, marketing team members duplicated a lot of effort. Because of multiple manual processes it was impossible to show how marketing efforts were helping (or hurting) sales.

Business development, lead generation, and email marketing were all on separate platforms, using different analytics. What data they gathered and tried to analyze was difficult to explain to anyone.

After choosing HubSpot, Datanyze began to understand where their leads were coming from and developed a process to guide the prospect through the buying journey.

They also used the social media, SEO and blogging functions in HubSpot to manage their content marketing calendar. This new approach blended relevant topics from keyword research and social channel analysis with creating content that addressed all buying phases.

Datanyze also used the Lead Management process and created HubSpot forms to capture interested visitors information for input into the sales pipeline.

HubSpot allowed Datanyze to create automated paths, called Workflows to convert leads over to marketing qualified leads, which sent the information to the sales staff in a timely manner for faster follow up.

By understanding which lead sources were most productive, Datanyze started to get an even higher caliber of leads, and they saw increased revenue. The marketing staff used comprehensive reports in the HubSpot dashboard to see what was working and correct web site content to draw more prospects into the buyer’s journey.

Bottom line – Datanyze increased their organic search traffic by 135%; generated a 5X increase in leads, and established a lead to customer conversion of 23%.

HubSpot Case Study: Higher Logic Creates an Inbound Marketing Program

HubSpot Case Studies
The second of these HubSpot case studies highlights the value of inbound marketing.

When Higher Logic brought a new CMO onboard, he discovered that the marketing program consisted mainly of blast emails.

After analyzing marketing automation software, they chose HubSpot to create an inbound marketing program. Now, their marketing program manager creates and implements the company’s content marketing strategy.

In addition to growing traffic, Higher Logic improved lead conversion by using forms that relied on HubSpot’s progressive profiling. Therefore, they could develop better contact profiles for people interacting with Higher Logic’s website.

One particularly useful feature of HubSpot is the ability to integrate GoToMeeting for webinars. Higher Logic launched a “Learning Series” to show real-world examples of social media success.

Going forward, the company plans on using HubSpot to customize content to their prospects based on their personas. Higher Logic knows this will help sales to better communicate with each potential customer based on their unique pain points.

While we are technology agnostic, these two case show you how any marketing automation tool could improve your marketing program and better integrate it with sales. Call us at 571-606-3106. We have a process to dig deep into both departments and discover the gaps and hurdles that are holding back your sales and revenue.

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